Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Chai Tea and Suicide

Today is a very special day. What makes Tuesday, December 23, so special? Well, it's because a very special person was born on this day.

I'm sure God knew what He was doing when He gave me all brothers, but it was kind of lonely the first 10 years of my life. Thankfully, in 2004, He finally gave me a sister. Well, sort of. Shortly after moving back to the town of my parents' alma mater, we ran into some old college friends of my parents, and their 3 kids. That's when I met Kelly.

No one would have paired us at first glance. She's a tomboy who would rather play paintball than paint her nails. I have tea parties and color coordinate my Bobby pins. She is quiet and demure. I shout before I think. She and her mom share household chores without a hitch. I and my mom fight over how I wash dishes.

But we are seriously perfect for each other. Kelly tells me to hush, and I bring her out of her shell. I cheer when she curls her hair, and she has finally (!) converted me to Converse.

In case you didn't guess, today is her birthday. Her 20th, to be precise. And as a surprise, I'm writing this post to let her know how much she means to me.

I never knew what a best friend could be until I had Kelly. She's one of the best influences I have. My very first blog post, "Remember When", was a tribute to the moments we've shared. Kelly has seen me at my very worst and my very best, and she loves me just the same. She never judges me, even though she's had loads of opportunities to do so. She doesn't mind when I get overdramatic, and she helps me reason things through when I'm having a tough day. And Kelly is always quick to encourage me when I struggle in my walk with God.
I could tell stories about us until you and I are blue in the face. But, actually, I think some comparisons would explain us best.

She's the Watson to my Sherlock. She plans; I work off the cuff. I'm socially inappropriate; she reminds me of my manners.

She's the Elphaba to my Glinda. She's happy to braid her hair and go; I love to curl my hair and use bling. She sings a lower soprano; I sing a higher soprano. She's brunette; I'm blonde.

She's the Jane to my Lizzie. She always has kind first impressions; I'm quick to judge, and usually it isn't nice. When she's hurt, she withdraws into herself. I put on a laughing face and act like nothing's wrong.

She's the Sam to my Frodo. She's always had my back and she sees the positive more quickly than I do.

She's the Elsa to my Anna. She gets super nervous in public; I get social and perky. She's deathly afraid of doing new things; I bite the bullet and go with it.

She's the Diana to my Anne. She's ladylike (yes, a ladylike tomboy); I'm loud. She does things right the first time; I tend to forget steps.

She's the Loki to my Thor. She's brunette; I'm blonde. She's a thinker; I'm a doer.

She's the Polly to my Fanny. She does practically everything right and proper; I'm still trying.

She's the Elinor to my Marianne. She's reserved and doesn't let people in that quickly; I'm emotional and am attached to people before I realize it.

She's the Piglet to my Pooh. She worries; I go.

She's the C-3P0 to my R2D2. She fusses; I chill.

She's the Kirk to my Spock. She's the gorgeous one that the boys notice; I'm the bookish one who likes to share random bits of information.

She's the Mia to my Lily. She's quiet and shy; I'm a singing bull in a china closet.

She's the Haymitch to my Effie. She needs sneakers, a long skirt, and a T-shirt; I like heels and sparkle.

She's the Betty to my Judy. She plans and prepares; I work off the cuff. Also, she's way thinner than me.

And finally, she's the suicide to my chai tea. She's a little mix of everything; I'm either sweet or spiced.

And that's probably the best way(s) to describe us. So, Kelly, even though we're 719 miles apart, I'm with you today. This is me saying that you are my best friend, half of my brain, and my shared heart. Thank you for never giving up on me, and thank you for always being there for me.

I love you, dearling.


  1. Well said! What a lovely tribute to your best friend :-)

    1. Thank you. :-) She's a gem; more people should know her.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! She is definitely the sweetest thing. I wish all of you could meet her. :-)