The Squirrel

Joanna, Jo, JoBeth, JoNanna, Jananna, JoJanna, JeeAnna, Johanna, Joanne, and, once, Jaeleen.

I was born in Oklahoma, but raised in Missouri. My mother’s a Yankee, but my dad’s a Southerner. I don’t know what that makes me, except confused. A psychiatrist might say that’s my root problem, but I’ll never know because I am my own psychiatrist. 
Oh, come to think of it, maybe that's my root problem. 
Never mind. 

 I'm a 23 year old, single, certified dental assistant. I love my job (way too much), but I also love to put words on paper, so I blog.

5 Things I Am:
First-born daughter in a long line of first-born daughters
Ex-pastor's kid
Married to a frappuccino AKA single
Yellow-Red ESFJ (AKA the Mom Friend)
Christian who needs Jesus every day

5 Things I Am Not:
Quiet singer
Patient crafter
Slow reader
Consistent writer
Caffeine teetotaller

Matters About Which I May Blog and Of Which You Are Not Obligated to Read:
Coffee is to Christina Perri as tea is to Julie Andrews.
Augusta Hawkins Elton is the single most insufferable creature ever to breathe oxygen.
They're taking the hobbits to Isengard.
Barry Allen has too many feelings.
Why are all the mutants young in the movies after Days of Future Past
A cappella is an underappreciated art form.
Yes, it's a lamppost.
My God changed me, and my God is faithful.
Seize the day, defy gravity, and climb every mountain.
My favorite Shakespeare play is the one where everyone dies.
They're called crochet HOOKS.
Live long and prosper, but while you're at it, look back. Look back at me.
Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there.
Where are the other 19 pilots?

I also am the official/unofficial editor of For Journey's Sake and Ampersand Poet.

Leave a comment. Or don't. I'm not picky. Whomever you are, I imagine you are a beautiful person, so please enjoy the rest of this day, and before you go:

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