Tuesday, November 25, 2014


{a guest post}

To many people, when a person has integrity, it can mean that the person is honest, or kind, or fair, or does what they’re told. To me, when a person has integrity, they have all those things and more. I think of an honest, kind, fair, loving, compassionate, obedient, brave person. A person who will help the child with no father and stick up for the teenager being picked on in the hallways.

Integrity is not something that you just obtain out of thin air. It is something that you earn and build daily. It is something that you have to work for in order to keep. If you really do have integrity, people can sense it the moment you step into the room. The aura about you will be so filled with honesty and goodness that most people probably will not even look you in the eye.

People sometimes associate integrity with a judgmental attitude. That is false. People who are judgmental will be emotional giants, looming over you constantly, making you feel small and insignificant. But people with integrity are quite the opposite. If they truly possess integrity, they will be on level ground with you, comforting you when you feel useless.

People with true integrity make the best kinds of friends. The ones who have integrity are the people that you want to be around. They know how to lovingly confront you when you are doing, or are about to do, something stupid. They will be your rock in the midst of your storms. They can be your bodyguard when others try to tear you down. They can be what keeps you going. They are your inspiration for everyday living.

When I think of integrity, I think of my best friend. He is truly all these things and more. He encourages me to do my best, to never give up, and to live life to its fullest. He comforts me when I am sad, and celebrates with me when I am joyful. He makes me laugh when I am angry, and can instantly get me out of any bad mood I think about having.

Yes, people with integrity are so hard to find. But I think that’s what makes them so valuable. If everyone possessed integrity, we could not truly appreciate its worth. The wealthy don’t understand the wonder of nice things because they have so many of them, while the poor treasure every piece of food they can possibly salvage.

Integrity is a rare treasure that so many people do not appreciate anymore. No one can truly appreciate something unless they have never had it before. I think it is time we taught others how to be full of integrity, and how to appreciate the ones who have already mastered the art.


Alex has known Joanna for nigh on 11 years, and is banned from telling stories involving frappuccinos, because Joanna knows stories involving sparkling grape juice. When she isn't drowning in music or ag homework, she cries over Captain America: Winter Soldier with Nekodah Ashe, a Jack Russell Terrier in the body of an Akita. Alex loves Jesus more than words can say, and believes real men own 4-wheel-drives.