Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Opening the Package is the Best Part

I have discovered that online shopping could become addicting.

Today was a gnarly day for me to get mail. As soon as I got home, I found an all-wonderful brown envelope stuffed in the mailbox. I stared at it for literally 60 seconds trying to decide why I was getting mail from "The Peterson Family". 

Haha. Turns out Heidi is very much on the ball at shipping out her giveaway goodies.

Aren't they just the prettiest things?! I think I have 12 more excuses to write real letters.

After opening that package, I went to put the candy corn M&Ms in the pretty dish and was soundly interrupted by a red and white box leaning against the couch. I knew exactly what was in that baby, but before I could rip that open, I saw the contents of my Amazon order on the floor next to it!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the Amazon box says "Joanna" and your name is "Caleb", that means that you can't open said box. Yes? No? Well, apparently, if the box says "Joanna", it means anyone can open it and pilfer through the enclosed thingamabobs.

*sigh* The fact that I'm 22 and shorter than him did not prevent the requisite threats of cave trolls and Odin's wrath, but it did render the requisite threats inconsequential.

(I mean, come on, dude, you took all my fun out of opening the mail!)

Anyways. The Amazon box had some good stuff. I'm converting our VHS collection to DVD, which is more time-consuming. Mostly because I'm a cheapskate. Heehee. 

My Christmas is never complete without this gem, and I very nearly did a happy dance when it was in my hands.

But most of the squealing was caused by the contents of the red and white box. You guys. LOOK AT THESE.

This is The Atlas of Middle-Earth. It is gorgeous.

I've barely cracked it, and I already know it will take me weeks to get through this.

This...this is The Enchanted World of Winnie-the-Pooh. It is lovely.

Oh my beans....this sends me into fits of D'AWWWWWWWWs. It's chock-full of little bits of trivia. There's little flap doors (this one goes to Owl's tree)

And little fabric scraps (!)

And original sketches

And then there's Eeyore's tail. EEYORE'S TAIL.

And, then, as if I didn't need the rest of my brain cells, I give you an X-Men book. An X-Men pop-up book, to be precise.

So. Much. Information. I lovelovelove comic stuff. And I don't care what grade this was written for, I am enjoying it to PIECES.

LOOK AT IT. Gah, I am so, so happy right now. I have hardly touched this because, well, real life, doctor appointments, church, dinner, dishes, blah, blah, blah..... But I still have the weekend. ;-)

Oh, let's not forget this. Hamlette, this is mostly for your benefit. You may have a cardboard Thor, but I have a pop-up Wolverine. Good times.

I think I'll go see what I can find on Etsy next.


  1. Oh my gracious, that Winnie the Pooh book! Sweetness! I think I need that... Looks like so much fun! Mail is the bestest. <3 God bless!

    1. Sweetness, indeed. I bought simply because I plan to have kids someday. :-) Bless you, too!

  2. Ok, I may have to buy that for the pop-up Wolvie. I mean, I have two Wolvie t-shirts, four collections of Wolvie comics, a Wolvie watch... I need a Wolvie pop-up.

    Also, I totally bought books for years "for when I have kids some day." Some of them they love, some of them they will love one day. And even if they don't, I do.

    1. Isn't he just too cute? I included the link in case you need to go shopping. ;-) And I'm jealous...all I have is a Thor bracelet.

      That's pretty much me. I might end up an old maid perusing my Winnie the Pooh book, but I don't care. It's cute. :-)