Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chocolate Movie Tag

I'm trying something new here. I've gotten tagged for all these neat blog tags floating around, and one of them gave me an idea. I was tagged for the Chocolate Book Tag, and I thought it would be fun to do a Chocolate Movie Tag. I'm answering mine with movies I own.

Dark Chocolate (a movie that covers a dark topic):
Hotel Rwanda (2004) (AKA why I liked Don Cheadle before he was Iron Patriot)


This is a sad, but hopeful story about the Rwandan genocide in 1994, and Paul Rusesabagina's efforts to stop the killings. Parts of it are scary, but nothing is gory or overly suggestive. It reminds me of Schindler's List: there's so much hate going around, but one man does everything he can to save as many people as he can.

White Chocolate (a light and humorous watch):
Mirror Mirror (2012) A hilarious retelling of Snow White, with the goofiest Evil Queen I've ever seen.


Snow is perfectly innocent and charming, but smart and brave. And the dwarves have some of the best lines: "Love is someone passing me the potatoes." "Do you think she's enjoying this? Yes, I think she is. Darn." The prince is wonderful and adorable, and Sean Bean is the perfect as the King.

Caramel-filled chocolate (a movie that makes you feel all gooey inside):
This is the perfect description of Austenland (2013).

Every Austenite needs to watch this movie. It's about Jane Hayes, who is 30, single, and unhealthily obsessed with all things Austen (but mostly Mr. Darcy). So she goes to the ultimate Jane Austen resort in England. And deals with her Austen fetish. And gets a lovely British man, aka JJ Feild, aka MR TILNEY!!, in the end. His whole profession of love makes my heart fall out of my chest EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

Milk Chocolate (a movie with a lot of hype that you're dying to watch):
Well, I read The Book Thief (2013), but I haven't seen the movie yet. I loved the book, so I figure I'll like the movie too. 


Wafer-less Kit-Kat (a movie that surprised you):
Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

I loathe Kristen Stewart, so I avoided this one for two years, even though I love Chris Hemsworth. But we found it at a pawn shop for $2, and I was curious, so we tried it. Wow. I liked it so much that I watched it twice in one week, which is rare for me. Kristen seriously lacks in the business of facial expressions, but if you ignore her, the rest of the movie is great. The plot line is pretty great, the design is grand, the villain is a little empathetic (but still oh-so-evil), the dwarves are funny and sad at the same time, and then there's the Huntsman. Oh, my. Brooding, rough, angry, sad, prickly, feeling, generally in need of a hug......reminds me again why Chrems Hisworth is my current favorite male actor.

 "I wasn't worth saving, that's for sure. She did so anyway. And I loved her so much. I loved her more than anyone or anything. Then I let her out of my sight and she was gone. And I became myself again. A self I never cared for."

(On a barely related note, do you know how fun it is to own a copy of Snow White and the Huntsman? You can say mildly inappropriate things like "Sorry I'm late; Chris Hemsworth was stuck under my passenger seat." Or "Will it bother your driving if Chris Hemsworth sits in the center console?")

Snickers (a movie you're going nuts about):
(Well, I haven't stopped talking about Avengers: Age of Ultron for the last 3 weeks, but I don't own that because it isn't out yet. BOO.)

This one's complicated. Winter Soldier and Days of Future Past were AH-MAZING, but I don't own those. Yet. ;-) The movie that I go nuts over would be Thor: The Dark World, because it's the only Thor I own.

See, he has a special place on the dresser next to the brain sister.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as mind-blowing as those other two, but that isn't Hemsworth's fault, it's the director's. It is the most beautiful Thor movie, though, and I think it Thor, Loki, and Jane show some good character development in it.

(Ah, yes, darling, but you would make a good man AND a great king.)

Hot Chocolate with Mini Marshmallows (a movie you turn to for comfort):
Pride & Prejudice (2005) Definitely comfort viewing. 

I literally carry my copy around everywhere in my craft bag, so I always have it if I get the urge to watch it. I love how Austen romances are founded on discussions and character, and not touchings and feelings. And while '05 does leave out some good Lizzie/Darcy word-battles, I get the idea. And every one of my friends own this movie, and we all love it. And Matthew MacFadyen is adorable. And it isn't 6 hours. And the music is so calming. (I go to sleep with it.) Comfort viewing. 

A Box of Chocolates (a franchise you feel has something for everyone):
I was gonna say the MCU, but then I remembered a family favorite. Ma and Pa Kettle (1947-1957)

This was a series of 10 movies about a well-meaning backwoods couple with 15 children. The characters were introduced in The Egg and I, and became popular enough to merit their own series. They are just clean simple fun. I grew up watching them, and Pa and Ma's lines are standard parts of family discussions. (It's most funny because my grandpa is a dead ringer for Percy Kilbride, but my grandpa is anything but lazy.)

So, what say we discuss movies? I'll start by tagging just four people:


  1. I'm totally doing this when I get time. Just need to finish the Baskervilles read-along up first!

    I LOVE Mirror Mirror!!!!!! Oh man, what a fun movie. My girls are all into Disney princesses, and have the little tiny "MagicClip" princesses and a bunch of princes. They asked me what Snow White's prince is named. I told them Prince Alcott. They now call him that all the time. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! (And before you call me a terrible mom -- he has no name in the Disney animated movie. And I really dislike that version anyway, so they're totally not seeing it any time soon. Whereas I own Mirror Mirror. Cuz Armie Hammer! Cuz funniest dwarves ever!)

    You know my feelings about The Huntsman. Also, that picture you posted kind of might have maybe sorta stopped me in my tracks for a bit. Oh, those eyes.

    My library has Austenland. I hope to see it next year.

    1. I love Mirror Mirror, too. I think Lily Collins is wonderful, and we could discuss Armie Hammer for a good while. (I wanna watch Lone Ranger, but haven't got to it yet.)

      I don't think you're a terrible mom for giving the Prince a name. :-) Sheesh, Cinderella was my favorite princess, and I always wanted him to have a name besides "Charming". Even in Cinderella III, he doesn't get a name. Boo. Plus, I'm not in a place to judge, because, well, you see the jokes *I* make about Chris Hemsworth. (Although, I will say: they go absolutely NO further than that. I try to remember that he's a real person, and saying trashy things is just plain rude and most definitely UN-Christian.)

      But, yeah, EYES. BLUE eyes. Poor guy, it's the only time he has a clean face in the movie.

      I can guarantee that Austenland will make you spit your soda and throw your popcorn. Guarantee it. The blonde is hysterical.

    2. Oh my goodness. I beyond love The Lone Ranger. I grew up with the show, and love it dearly, but in a different way from the movie. The movie just makes me happy! And also, I basically am that version of John Reid. The way he behaves, the decisions he makes -- so very much me. It's a wacky movie, not gonna lie. A sort of western fairy tale, or maybe a tall tale. A fable based on truth told by an unreliable narrator. Heaps and heaps of fun.

      I didn't think you personally would think I was a terrible mom ;-) I meant more the world in general, that I took the name of Armie's character in Mirror Mirror and told my kids that's their little plastic prince's name. As for Prince Charming, I always figured his parents just had odd taste in names.

      Clean faces are overrated. I like me some dirt and scruff.

    3. Is Johnny Depp funny in LR? He's what made me curious about the movie, but I do like Armie too. Oh, and Helena Bonham Carter looks heaps of fun.

      Ah, I see. I was feeling self-conscious about my Chris Hemsworth joke, that's all. Psh...your girls will probly think it's funny when they figure it out. :-)

      Yeah, and Mr. Hemsworth looks good even with a dirty face...

    4. Okay, um, funny. He makes me laugh. But it's a subtle, old-school, almost silent-film style of funny. Have you seen Benny and Joon? That's the one role of his I'd compare it to the most. He's extremely serious, talks very little, and does these hilarious double-take expressions that... I'm giggling right now at the memory. And he's silly, but very seriously silly. He's being very serious, but what he does and says sometimes is... I can't explain. He is charming and awesome.

      HBC's character is great! This is probably my favorite role of hers. Yes, even topping her Ophelia.

      LR is what introduced me to Armie. And I really really really love him in it. (We were talking about fangirling over merchandise... I own the soundtrack, 3 LR t-shirts, a journal, a mug, and six pens. I am deeply regretting not buying the hat and the action figures.)

    5. Oh, good. I'm gonna suggest LR to my friend for our movie this weekend. Because I loved HBC's Ophelia, so it must be good. :-)

      Again, wow. I don't even have a Thor shirt. :/

    6. Hey, don't forget that I'm the wife of a man who likes to spoil her and who makes a nice living. When I was 20, my fangirling was much less merch-heavy too.

      Also, Christmas is coming. Do not despair. You have a new friend who happens to love buying Christmas presents.

    7. Ah, true. But, dear me, I hope you didn't think I was hinting or anything. I was just kinda making a statement. I decided to guilt trip my best homie into getting me one. I told her I could get my own Star Trek 09 DVD. ;)

    8. Lol! Nope. I had something all picked out for you already quite a while ago.

    9. Oh...*blushing* and here I was feeling funny about sending you a Christmas card... :)

    10. It's not big! I swear! Quite tiny. (But not petty.) And please don't be like, "Oh man, I should get her something!" It's just... I found this thing, and you need it. I know, because I have one myself.

    11. Ah. Well, I actually found yours after I decided to send you a card. And I have one as well. And I hope you don't think it's silly. So, same here. :-)

  2. So fun! And thank you for the tag. I'm definitely planning to join in soon. :)

    Mirror, Mirror is so funny and sweet! White chocolate is a great description. And Austenland. Ah Austenland. I cannot tell you precisely how many times I've watched this movie, but it never gets old. SO swoony and fun and hilarious and......okay. Now I've gotta go watch it again.

    I haven't read the book yet, but I can say that I LOVED The Book Thief movie! So very thought provoking and endearing and wonderful. I finished it with the desire to read the book sometime. And to add the movie to my collection as well! :)

    You know, I've heard such great things about Snow White and the Huntsman. I really must see it sometime.

    And of course, I cannot leave P&P without a mention. Definitely a go-to comfort movie for me as well. But I'll watch any version (I think I own all of them currently) so long as it involves Darcy and Lizzy! Even Death Comes to Pemberley. Which speaking of, have you had the chance to watch it yet? I'm so curious what you'll think of it! :)

    1. Oh, wow, I've found someone who has seen Austenland probably as many times as I have, which is somewhere around 10 or 12, I think. :-) Every time my gals and I get together, we're like, "Well, what should we watch? Oh, let's just watch Austenland again." Definitely never gets old.

      I'm looking forward to The Book Thief movie. I'm waiting till I can get a whole box of Kleenex. ;-)

      Oh, definitely check out Snow White. Just ignore Kristen Stewart, and you'll have a great time.

      I haven't gotten to DCTP yet. I really want to watch it.

  3. I now own a copy of Snow White and the Huntsman at last. Considering forcing my mom to watch it one night this week :-D

    1. Ooh, I'd love to hear how that goes. Is she usually good with your movie suggestions? :-)

    2. She generally is, yes. But we've started watching the 6-part BBC miniseries of Middlemarch, so that might eat up all our movie-watching time for her visit. We'll see, we might double down on an ep on New Year's Eve for fun :-D