Monday, December 22, 2014

More A Cappella!

Christmas without Christmas music is like a hobbit with only 3 meals a day. Sad. Emotionally repressed. Susceptible to volatile bursts of spasmodic babbling.

I don't even know what a hobbit having a nervous breakdown looks like.

That has absolutely nothing to do with this post. But that would make a very interesting post for later.


Oh, yeah, this was about Christmas music. Right.

This song is "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel", by some obscure monk during the birth of Gregorian chant.

Me, in the itchy gold tank, singing an overdone first soprano.
My three good friends:
Alex, in the red scarf, singing a mellow second soprano.
Miranda, in the black and red dress, singing a soft first alto.
LaVita, in the gold sweater, singing a strong first alto.

Usually known as "The Overbearing Operettis". Sometimes referred to as "The Distracted Divas".

Falsetto and pitch are hard together, guys. If we hurt your ears, here's some perfect a cappella:

And some TSO. Just because I love TSO.

Merry Christmas, folks.


  1. I really like TSO too. I love their "Mad Russian's Christmas" particularly well, and the one with Carol of the Bells.

    1. Oh, COTB is so awesome. And I haven't heard MRC in a long, long time. I'm gonna go look that one up again. :-)