Monday, October 6, 2014

The Thing About Birthdays... that sometimes they turn out better than you anticipated. For example, I turned 22 on Thursday. This pleasant little chap showed up in my mailbox on Thursday. 
Do you have ANY idea of all the things a person could do with a Bilbo bookmark?! Because reading books is an adventure, and Mr. Baggins is the king of all adventurers.........the perfection is killing me, y'all.

And then I went back to work on Friday, and this came in.
Nothing turns me into a squealing 7-year-old faster than a box of books. AND THEY'RE ALL SO PRETTY. Except, of course, my Chronicles would be prettier if Prince Caspian matched the other covers. [i am not OCD, i am not OCD, i am not OCD...]

I asked for bookmarks this year, and these came in over the weekend.
Now I can start getting rid of the random ugly paper ones I've picked up over the years.

And then I went to church Sunday.  I got some of that Elixir of Life.
And, then, I kind of sort of had a small mental breakdown. Because, well, this.
I'm afraid I wasn't doing much meditating on the Lord on the Lord's Day. I was thinking more on things such as "I never realized just how pretty Mjolnir is." And other things.

Yah. If anyone needs me, I'll be drinking some chai latte, and writing a post about why Thor is a better man than Justin Bieber.


  1. Happy belated birthday! And ohhhh those books are beautiful. All of those books are favorites of mine! (other than I've never read Beowulf)

    Love the Bilbo bookmark, too. He *is* the perfect person to be in a book!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

    1. Thanks! :-) I have read about half of those. My goal was to order a bunch of classics, and to replace my mismatched LOTR and Narnia series. I hate having mismatched covers, which is silly, but it works. And I'm looking forward to Beowulf, and Jane Eyre. Can't start JE, though, til I finish Wuthering Heights.

      Isn't my Bilbo wonderful?! I'm considering getting Snapchat just so I can start a "Adventures of Bilbo" sort of thing. He's more entertaining than duck faces, I think.

      You're welcome. Beautiful blogs deserve comments. ;-)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS YOUR PRESENTS. ♥♥ I'm dying. Perfect. So many books (the greatest books), and then TTDW, and Mjolnir, I love it.
    "Meow meow?!" xD

    1. It was basically the best birthday ever, which is only slight hyperbole. :-D And Darcy rocks. 'She Tasered him.' 'Yes. Yes, I did.' I love her and Intern-Ian in TTDW.

  3. The essay on Why Thor is a Better Man Than Justin Bieber would be pretty short, I think. I would probably say, "Because Justin Bieber does not meet any definition of the word "man" other than the fact that he is a male over the age of 21."

    Happy birthday virtual hug!

    Kind of totally unrelated, but I tagged you with The Janeite Tag. Play if you want to!

    1. EXACTLY. But I need an excuse to write a character sketch for Thor, so it was the best title I could come up with at the moment.

      Thank you!

      Ah, yes! Another excuse to ramble about Austen. I'll get right on that. :)

  4. Joanna, I've nominiated you for my Liebster Award / Challenge! Go at it, girl. :) :)

    1. *gasp* Thank you! This should be so fun. :-)

  5. Happy belated birthday! :D

    And no worries about the Sunday thing. I'm thinking we've all been there at one point or other. Distractions of the Thor-sort will do that to a person! ;) Also, I've got to agree with Hamlette. Your post on Thor vs. Justin would be mighty short. In fact, all it'd need to say is Thor is awesome, Justin is not! Enough said.