Monday, October 20, 2014

Perfect Imperfections: The Discovering Emma Party!

Heidi, over at Along the Brandywine, is hosting an Emma party this week! Seeing how Emma's my favorite Austen heroine, and Mr. Knightley's proposal leaves me in tears every time, and I've considered wearing a "silly wives" shirt to my church camp (because they're all so dumb *sarcasm*)......

....I figured I should probably join in.

1. Have you ever read Emma?
Oh, yes. I first read it two years ago, because my friend threw an Austen birthday party, so I read the book in 2 or 3 weeks. I read it for the second time this year because Heidi was throwing this party! 

2. If so, is that how you first made her acquaintance? (If not, feel free to elaborate!)
Yep, the book is how I met my literary twin. :-)

3. Do you have a favorite film adaptation?
I pretty much love the 2009 one best. I watched the 1996 one first, and liked it so much that I wore "Gwyneth Paltrow" hair for about a week. But then I watched the 2009 one, and I just 'clicked' with RG's Emma, I guess. She felt like a kindred spirit; I think because she seems younger somehow then GP's Emma. And Jeremy Northam is quite dashing, but Jonny Lee Miller will always be my Mr. Knightley. ;-)

4. Favorite dress(es) from that film?

The ethereal pinkish chiffon-y-looking one, and the spring-y happy comfy-looking one. (No one has hired me for a costume review yet.)

5. Share a line you love from either the book or movie/s—several if you like! 

"Mothers die, Emma, and that is a fact." --Mr. Woodhouse
[this made me so inexplicably sad the first time I watched this scene. i felt so bad for him.]

"...she is...a beautiful girl...and till it appears that men are much more philosophic on the subject of beauty than they are generally supposed, till they do fall in love with well-informed minds instead of handsome faces, a girl, with such loveliness as Harriet, has a certainty of being admired and sought after..."

"I cannot make speeches, Emma. If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more. But you know what I am. You hear nothing but truth from me. I have blamed you, and lectured you, and you have borne it as no other woman in England would have borne it. Bear with the truths I would tell you now, dearest Emma, as well as you have borne with them. God knows, I have been a very indifferent lover. But you understand me. Yes, you see, you understand my feelings--and will return them if you can. At present, I ask only to hear--once to hear your voice." 

6. Is Emma one of your favorite heroines? Why or why not?
Well, I think I've said this about a dozen times here, but, yes, Emma's my favorite Austen heroine, and one of my top 10 heroines. She reminds me so much of myself. She's opinionated, bossy, and thinks she knows everything. But she has enough sense to respect Mr. Knightley's and Mrs. Weston's good opinions, and she's willing to take instruction. And she isn't afraid or too proud to admit her mistakes and try to fix them. She's quite human, and very relatable. 

7. What is one of Emma’s strengths (good qualities)?
She is so friendly and kind. She has amazing social graces--even when she hates having to use said social graces.

8. Describe in one (or two…or three) sentences, why Mr. Knightley is so wonderful.

ONLY ONE OR TWO OR THREE?! Well, okay then...he's wise and he's a steady friend. Seriously steady. Also, he only says what needs to be said. (I love that because in relationships, I trust actions, not words. Just a personal preference.)

9. Why do you think Mr. Knightley and Emma are so well suited to each other?

Because he's more reserved, and she's more talkative, and they're both painfully honest! I bet when they fight, they leave nothing unsaid, and everything they think is flung perfectly out in the open.

10. Would you rather spend a week in Highbury with the Westons—on Abbey-Mill Farm with the Martins—or in London with the John Knightleys?

Eh...I'm pretty sure I would get on John Knightley's nerves rather quickly, and I'd love Mrs. Weston, but I think Mr. Weston might get a little dreary, just because he's old, and can't help it, God love his heart. But the Martins seem so amiable, and young people are so fun, you know, so I rather think I fancy a stay at Abbey Mill.

Oh, and here is a lovely article which basically sums up all the reasons I love Mr. Knightley. 


  1. Thanks so much, Joanna!! I enjoyed your answers! "The ethereal pinkish chiffon-y-looking one, and the spring-y happy comfy-looking one..." ;) Good choices! (I saw the Gwyneth Paltrow before the '09, too and have quite similar sentiments...) And ah, yes...Mr. Knightley: the real, well-rounded, balanced, practically-perfect-yet-human Prince Charming!!! ;)

    1. I rewatched the trailer for the GP one last night, and had a good hearty laugh. That's the advantage of the GP one, I think, is that they made it so all around funny. "Pork, Mother!"

      Oh, yes, we could talk all night of Mr. Knightley's wonderfulness, couldn't we? ;-)

  2. I LOVE Emma's dresses. If I could, I would wear them. All day. Every day. Comfy, gorgeous, and flattering. And Romola Garai's facial expressions are to die for. :)

    1. Aren't they amazing?! I like some of the costumes in the 96 Emma, but I think the whole wardrobe and hair department in 09 deserves an award. They do make you want to go back to the Regency fashions.

      RG has THE best facial expressions. That's another reason I love her Emma, because I have a strong tendency to let me face betray me sometimes. :-D

  3. What a great post! :) I confess I wasn't all that fond of Emma.....until 2009 that is. And Romola's version just clicked with me. And Jonny Lee Miller?!?! Oh my word, he's perfectly perfect! I love how he expresses "If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more!". It's such a great line, but I never could feel it when the other actors from previous versions said it. But Jonny on the other hand, he was fabulous! This has become one of my absolute favorite period dramas now. (Although it has yet to surpass North and South.) SO so good! :)

    1. I think I liked him best because he made Mr. K seem the youngest. I know there's supposed to be 17 years between he and Emma, but all the versions made him look old and creepy. Jeremy Northam (96) was pretty good, but Jonny Lee Miller looks younger to me. Plus I think he's super good-looking. :-) And he and RG have good chemistry, too, I think.

  4. Hi Joanna, I enjoyed reading your answers. :-) I'm glad to hear that you are one of the 2009-lovers, like I. Oh and her dresses are AMAZING.

    Thanks for playing the Emma game at Wonderland Creek - I just wondered if you'd do me one favour - you forgot to answer #7 in the 'Which Emma lady are you'- could you please answer that one? Thanks!

    1. Aren't they though?!?!

      Whoops...okay, my answer to #7 would be A) Chatty/open/fun. You had some great games!