Tuesday, September 16, 2014

20 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I was kind of sort of tagged in this one by Hamlette, again. :-)

Question 1: How tall are you?  5'7"

Question 2: Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what? I don’t really have any hidden talents. I didn’t know I could write, but when I started blogging, I got a lot of nice feedback, so I guess my writing was hidden?

Question 3: What’s your biggest blog-related pet peeve?  Ads. Confounded ads loading all over the page, slowing down my Internet, and popping up when I’m trying to read your writing.

Question 4: What’s your biggest non-blog related pet peeve? Right now in life, people who won’t look for their own answers before asking for help.

Question 5: What’s your favorite song?   I have several. Right now, one of my favorites that I find myself singing a lot is “Somewhere”, from West Side Story. When I get sad and down in the dumps, I sing it to feel better.

Oh, and then there's "Save the Last Dance for Me." I don't care what time of day it is, or how many days' worth of dishes I'm washing, or what homework is due, I will get up and dance to this song if it comes through Pandora.

Question 6: What’s your favorite Etsy shop that isn’t yours?   Uhm…I’ve never bought anything from Etsy.

Question 7: What’s your favorite way to spend your free time when you’re alone?   I usually go to the computer. But when I get bored of that, I like to read and/or work on a yarn project.

Question 8: What’s your favorite junk food?   Either cheesy puffs or Twix. Although, I experienced a deep-fried dill pickle last weekend, and my life has basically been forever changed.

Question 9: Do you have a pet or pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?  

*mumbles* are we allowed to opt out of a question if it makes us cry? If you asked this question in June, I would say I own 1 red purebred Pomeranian named Makita. Ask me now, I’m gonna say I had a fluffy, smiling three-footed baby named Makita Elizabeth, who had a blonde brain and the biggest heart you’ll ever see, who chased tennis balls and UPS trucks, loved carrots and hated green beans, and was half of my heart for 10 years. But she got lost, and I haven’t had a puppy kiss in 3 months. Stay a moment while I go bawl into my pillow.
 [She really is a Pom, but I cut her hair. ;-)]

Question 10: What are your number one favorite nonfiction and fiction books?   Well, we’ve been through this before. The Bible trumps everything because it is everything. But for anything else, #1 Fiction is An Old-Fashioned Girl (Alcott) and #1 Non-fiction is Angels Ride Shotgun (missionary autobiography by Ruth MacKinney)

Question 11: What’s your favorite beauty product?   *snort* Beauty products don’t exactly exist in my house. I used a red wax crayon for lipstick one time, but, other than that, well, I’m currently in love with the Mango Tango lip gloss from Bath & Body Works.

Question 12: When were you last embarrassed? What happened?   My mouth usually embarrasses me. Should I tell this or not… Okay, this may be slightly inappropriate, but I never meant it that way.

I have weird dreams. Not bad, but they make no sense whatsoever. Well, I’ve dreamed about this guy at work 2 different times (just stupid stuff), and the other guy was teasing me about it. He says, “Maybe your dreams are a sign.*wink* Maybe you should do what your dreams say.” Before I can catch myself, I retort, “Cody, if I did everything my dreams told me, I’d be screwed!”

I turn 4 shades of red all the way down to my toes while the rest of them fall out in the floor laughing….

Question 13: If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?   Ginger ale. Nectar of the gods, I say.

Question 14: What’s your favorite movie? Wow, um, how do I judge this…. My favorite from childhood that I adored was The Sound of Music. Julie Andrews was my idol. If we’re basing this on how many times I’ve watched a movie, that ties between Pride & Prejudice (2005) and Napoleon Dynamite.

Question 15: What were you in high school: prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, prep?   Well, I was homeschooled K-12, I was the only girl, and the only one in my grade. I was a nerd, and I was the dramatic one.

Question 16: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? London. I want to live in British society, mostly because I want to wear a fascinator. Like this beaut. I would SERIOUSLY wear this in public.

Question 17: PC or Mac?  What is this Mac you speak of?

Question 18: Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boy/girlfriend, spouse?   Well, last night, I hugged the door of my man, Ken More, and he handed me the milk. It was a tender moment.

Question 19: Favorite celebrity?  I guess it would be Drew Barrymore. I have only seen her in Ever After, but I’ve had at least a dozen people tell me I look like her, so I follow her life. She is a little kooky, but sweet nonetheless.

Question 20: What blogger do you secretly want be best friends with? Well, Hamlette, of course, because she is a great writer and she also loves Thor. Then there’s Peregrin, who is also an amazing writer, and her faith-fangirling inspires me to be as passionate about my own faith.


  1. "Faith fangirling". I like that. Jesus, you know, a guy definitely worth fangirling over... :) Love getting to know you more, Joanna!!!

    1. :-D I couldn't think of anything else to call it. Yes, Jesus is the only guy worth fangirling over. He's done me more good than anybody else has, and probably ever will. <3

    2. Amen, Joanna. <3 And just wanted to add that ginger ale is the best thing EVER.

  2. Ah, Save the Last Dance For Me is so wonderful! Definitely a favorite of mine as well. And you're so right! It's nigh on impossible to sit still when that song plays. :)

    1. Sitting still and Michael Buble just aren't in the same sentence for me. ;-)

  3. I was showing my kids pictures of "real princesses" the other day, and my girls were entranced by Kate Middleton's hats with fascinators on them. I really love hats, but I don't have any quite like that.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Thor.

    1. THOR FOREVER. <3

      I don't own any fascinators either, but they look so nice. I am fascinated by Duchess Kate. She seems so graceful and poised, and real, and levelheaded, which I admire.